We cultivate the art of servant leadership.  KoreaOC is created to strengthen Korean-American and other communities in Orange County and surrounding areas by teaching young leaders through service to others, embracing curiosity and investing in next generation.

Leadership Delivered

기쁨과 보람을 배우는 리더십 학교
폭넓은 호기심과 봉사가 중심인 리더십 학교
성공한 기업가들이 다음 세대에게 투자하는 리더십 학교
21세기 리더의 융합 기술:   전략 + STEM + 디자인 + 창업 + 협동 + 봉사


We teach servant leadership necessary in education, career and life.  Learn from the mentors with proven leadership and successful track record.   The mentors teach because teaching others what they know is a great way to pay it forward.

Education Strategy
Career Strategy
Life Strategy
Servant Leadership



Center tour & orientation SAT 9:30am-9:45am
call to RSVP
Bring your own laptop
3D design
(design your own thing)
SAT 10am-10:45am
3D print
(print your own thing)
SAT 11am-11:45am

Advanced Workshops

3D printer build SAT 9am-11:45am
Startup counselling SAT 9am-11:45am

Physical education

Judo youth 6-12 yrs Tue/Thu 5:30pm



Become a volunteer

KoreaOC runs due to the awesomeness of our volunteers.  The volunteers are proven leaders in their own respective fields who are capable of leading the next generation of emerging leaders.  Contact us if you have significant experience in the following areas:

  • education
  • career
  • life
  • servant leadership


Tax Deductible Donations can be made through our fiscal sponsor,  PeopleSpace.   Tax-deductible donations are processed by PeopleSpace and used for KoreaOC projects.

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If you are able to support through your company or foundation, we love to talk to you. Your help makes a big impact and allows me to plan ahead better. Thank you.